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Peter the Great, who loved his elite troops – “The Guard” - for their legendary bravery and loyalty, often became upset when a night of partying at a grand ball would render them essentially ineffectual the day after.The officers were as unabashed doing vodka shots as they were sweeping their enemy off Russian land. It became clear to Peter that he had to come up with the kind of vodka that would let his Guard fight the enemy, if needed, after a night of drinking, rather than debilitate them with excruciating headaches.

The ability of the Elite Guard officers to drink in quantities caused the admiration of the French when the Russian Military entered Paris in 1814. Likewise, the British and the Americans were astonished when the allied forces shared time in Berlin in 1945. The Russian Guard knew how to fight and how to have a good time. The Guard was the elite of the elite, who always got the best end of things – the choice food, the best looking women, the smoothest drink. We cannot lie, the Guard loved their “Regalia”. It is the same “Regalia” that we offer you today, a legend preserved by generations of master-distillers of Yaroslavl and poured into exquisite bottles shaped in the form of the Russian Imperial Crown. While the French deservedly take pride in their Cognacs and Champagnes, and the Swedes in their Aquavit, they still squabble over who produces the best vodka in the World. That’s all too ironic, yousee, because vodka was unknown in those countries prior to the triumphant arrival of the Russian Guard. Whether at a ball or at battle, the Elite troops have perfected their victorious ways – and the World cannot help but take notice. Become part of this amazing legend which lived through times and wars, have a taste of “Regalia”!